Exceleration Project Management's goal is to foster excellence among all members of the building team. With over 20 years of experience in the management of commercial architectural shell and interior projects, real estate development and property management, Exceleration brings a unique, owner's perspective to project management. Exceleration offers a full array of project services, tailored to your individual project needs.

Clear project goals, budgeting, schedule, roles and responsibilities, are established at the inception of every project. Exceleration engages higher levels of involvement by each member of the team. The achievement of project goals is continuously evaluated throughout each phase of the project. On one recent large interiors project Exceleration's space planning guidance achieved a 21% efficiency improvement in space use.

A quality building contractor is involved as a team member early in nearly all projects. This improves budgeting, quality, schedule, cost effectiveness, constructability and the quality of the drawing package. In turn the construction process itself is smoother because the project was truly built "on paper".

Exceleration is noted for a high level of attention to detail and the foresight to anticipate project needs well in advance. Thoroughness, caring and follow through are the hallmarks of Exceleration's services.