Exceleration will tailor it's services and create a project process best suited to your individual project needs.

Exceleration's "Total Project Budgeting" differs from how many project budgets are prepared. Because Exceleration approaches the project from the perspective of many years of owner's representation, Exceleration includes non-construction budget categories that would normally be the direct responsibility of the owner. These may include provision of computer equipment, vendor costs, move-in costs, data/telephone cabling, training, website development, and other items that the project requires. By doing this, a total picture of the projects financial impact to the client is maintained and the likelihood of financial pressure being created indirectly by unanticipated non-construction budget items is minimized.

Unlike other project management services, Exceleration will review construction drawings and "redmark" them with suggestions as agreed. On one recent project Exceleration had redmarks on all 150 sheets of a project that a professional "constructability review" firm had largely missed.

The services offered on the following pages and corresponding categories listed above are not cast in concrete. The nature of the process is iterative. Its normal to be doing several kinds of tasks simultaneously. The key is to constantly monitor and inform you the client of project progress.